ACHA Hockey: Please stay up to date, as These are NOT USA HOCKEY rules.

The ACHA uses the NCAA rulebook but with a few differences (see Part 3- Operating Policies below).

NCAA Ice Hockey Rules 2020-2022 Seasons


The “Officials” page has the NCAA rulebook and the Incident Report form (PDF & Word). The image below has further POLICY information.

**Policy Manual: Each division in the ACHA has its own section with Article III outlining the Rules of Play.




***Incident Reports need to be filed for ALL GAME MISCONDUCT and DISQUALIFICATION penalties. The ACHA also tracks player history, and per NCAA rule 22.2:

Use the ACHA Incident Report and follow the instructions. The report must be submitted to appropriate ACHA commissioner(s) within 48 hours of the incident. 

**Include ACHA Referee-in-Chief on all email reports.

Contacts for submitting an incident report (league commissioners and RIC, updated 8/13/21):


Remember, the protection of the student-athlete is the top point of emphasis for all players.  Continued diligence is needed with regard to player safety rules, particularly contact to the head, contact against defenseless or unsuspecting players and hitting from behind. The rules are very clear in each of these areas and officials must continue to err on the side of safety. Proper application and reporting are priorities for the safety and integrity of the game!


Our ACHA officials are required to be completely registered with USA Hockey at level 3 or higher. In unique circumstances, USA Hockey level 2 officials may be used with approval from the ACHA Referee-in-Chief.

The ACHA crest is available for ordering: visit for crest details.

We hope this information will help your officials prepare for the upcoming season. Good luck this season and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all for your dedication to our sport.

Ed Giacomucci
American Collegiate Hockey Association


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