Illinois Hockey Hall of Hame

The Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame (IHHF) was established to honor the contributions of individuals who, through their dedication and tireless efforts, helped build our game here in Illinois and pave the way for future generations to enjoy the sport of ice hockey.

Illinois hockey has a very long and rich hockey history, due in large part to the programs and foundations laid down by the Honored Members of the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame. The Honored Members have demonstrated, through their actions, leadership and tremendous sacrifice, their love of our game. Their personal commitment in making a difference in the lives of thousands of young hockey players, and the Illinois hockey community, are clear examples of what one individual can accomplish for the benefit of so many.

The Hall of Fame is divided into three categories: Builders, Players, and Officials. These sections currently have ninety-two members. The Illinois Hockey Officials Association began this program in 2002. Past IHOA President Bill Green had observed the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame on a trip with AHAI members and decided to go ahead with a program for our officials. AHAI began the Illinois Hall of Fame in 2005 and both were combined starting in 2008. USA Hockey Representative, Norm Spiegel, and USA Hockey President, Jim Smith, are the coordinators of this yearly event. They confer with all of the past presidents of AHAI and other individuals to review the applications and suggestions for entry into the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame. The Induction event has been held after Christmas.

Officials Category


Dave Zednik

Gary Como


Bill Green

Geoff Schlender


Bill Fehrman


Larry Swakon

D Ray Tucker


Steve Drews

Randy Krawiec

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