Board of Directors

If you wish to evaluate an official, please do not contact board members individually. IHOA offers an "Evaluate an Official" option on our homepage.

IHOA Committees as of 7/15/2024

  • Seminar: Brian Fisher, Brad Baumruck and Anthony Fiorito
  • Referee Oversight: Scott Gaffney
  • Performance, Education & Development ("PED"): Brett Straley, Steve Rickard and Carl Sassolino
  • Rules & Ethics ("R&E"): Todd Permut, Scott Silz and John DiTallo
  • League Liaison(s): Erika Greenen
    • Catholic League & Illinois West: Brian Fisher and Brad Baumruck
    • Scholastic League: Mark Bialko
    • North Central: Anthony Firorito
    • Central States: Dan Zaloudek
    • NIHL: Erika Greenen
    • North West: Brett Straley
  • Nominating: Geoff Schlender, Anthony Fiorito and John Dunne
  • Peer Review: Craig Welker, Steve Rickard and Carl Sassolino
  • Communication: Scott Gaffney, Matt McManus, 1 other member TBD
  • Nomination: Carl Sassolino
  • By-Law: Brad Baumruck, Dave Scriven Young and Don Mrozik

Central District Staff (IHOA)

  • Illinois Supervisor of Officials: Brad Baumruck
  • District Female Officiating Coordinator: Erika Greenan

Date in parenthesis indicates re-election year

John Dunne
AHAI Supervisor of Officials


Do not contact about assignments or referee complaints*

Brad Baumruck
Illinois Referee-in-Chief


Do not contact about assignments or referee complaints*

Brian Fisher
IHOA President


Do not contact about assignments or referee complaints*

Scott Gaffney
IHOA Vice President
Geoff Schlender
IHOA Treasurer
Erika Greenen
IHOA Secretary
Anthony Fiorito
Mark Bialko
Carl Sassolino
Craig Welker
Samantha Cebulski
Brett Straley
Todd Permut


Dan Zaloudek
Tim Richter
Central District Referee-in-Chief

Evaluate an OfficialComments about an official will go to IHOA and will be reviewed.
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