IHOA Evaluation Program

IHOA/AHAI assigns Supervisors to 5%-10% of games. Supervisors are assigned to help you improve your on-ice officiating skills. Any IHOA official is eligible to be supervised.All IHOA Supervisors are experienced officials with extensive officiating backgrounds.

If you would like to be considered for higher level games it is strongly recommended that you request an Evaluation.

Supervisors are randomly assigned to games throughout the season. If you would like to be evaluated please follow the steps below and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

   1. Use our scheduling website www.ahai2.org/officials to request games.
   2. When you receive your assignment confirmation E-mail our Evaluation Coordinator Dave Ballantyne iref2well@aol.com.
   3. Include in your E-mail a copy of your upcoming schedule.
   4. Dave will assign a Evaluator to one of your upcoming games.
   5. The Evaluator will provide you feedback after the conclusion of the game.

Evaluate an OfficialComments about an official will go to IHOA and will be reviewed.
Submit Referee Report

Request GamesThe following portal is not managed by IHOA, but the local assigning affiliate of Illinois.
Request USAH Games under AHAI

Submit an ACHA Incident ReportPlease use the following word document to report game misconduct and disqualification penalties.
ACHA Incident Report Document

Amateur Hockey Association IllinoisPlease use the following link to be kept up to date with our local USAH affiliate.


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