2018-19 AHAI Rules & Regulations


Players must wear neck guards for all on ice activities. If a player is observed on the ice without a neckguard, the official will remove that player from the ice until he/she is in compliance. Neck guards must be worn according to the manufacturers specifications. They must fit properly, not oversized, pushed down, unzipped, rolled over, taped or in any way altered. If they are modified in any way they are neck guards and the player will be removed. Failure to leave the ice will result in a delay of game penalty. A misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player or goalkeeper of that team for a subsequent violation during that game.

Neck Guard Definition: Neck guards are specifically designed by the manufacturer to protect the neck, and are clearly labeled as such. There are the shirt types (zip up) or the band types (Velcro closure). Arm bands, head bands, plain turtle necks, and mock turtle necks are not neck guards.

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