Hello Fellow IHOA officials,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Brad Baumruck the newly appointed Referee in Chief of Illinois by the IHOA board.  While I’ve been an official for 24 seasons- an IHOA board member, a Seminar Committee member, and the Development Program Coordinator- none of these accolades mean anything to what our officiating community did in this past season.  The dedicated men and women of Illinois filled games all season when it seemed impossible; my hat’s off to you all!  The players appreciate it, even if our engagements with the select few made our lives awful.

I would like to point out that our past RIC, Eric Cowsill, was a unique individual who carried our association through one of the most difficult times we have ever faced.  Under his leadership, and in conjunction with Steven Rickard, we were able to still stay together and train.  As most of you may know, Eric was in attendance for almost every seminar for the past 2 years; his commitment was a major part of our success in securing our community to keep operating.  Unfortunately, he has stepped away this season, he will be missed.  We should all wish him well in his new endeavors.

Moving forward the IHOA board of directors happened Monday, May 9th.   Every election there are 5 board spots open.  Dave Zednik, Sam Celbuski, and Eric Cowsill choose not to re-run.  This season those 3 spots were filled with new members Scott Gaffney, Dan Zaloudek, and Todd Permut.  Anthony Fiorito and John Dunne remain in their past positions on the board.  Thank you to all the past board members, current board members, and new board members.

The election results were in no particular order:

  • John Dunne
  • Anthony Fiorito
  • Scott Gaffney
  • Todd Permut
  • Dan Zaloudek

Jeff Pachocca was not elected to this term but his dedication and enthusiasm to dedicate his time is appreciated.

The Executive Board of directors is as follows:

  • Brad Baumruck- Referee in Chief
  • Steven Rickard- IHOA President
  • Carl Sassolino- IHOA Vice president
  • Geoff Schlender- Treasurer
  • Erika Greenen- Secretary

The committee chairs are as follows:

  • Joe Guzzardi- Rules and Ethics
  • Brain Fisher- Seminars
  • Anthony Fiorito- Registrar
  • Brett Straley- Performance, Education, & Development (PED)


IHOA awarded 4 scholarships this year as well, the scholarships are awarded on officiating status, student status, and recommendations.  Congratulations to the following:

  • Marissa Lyons
  • Luke Ballentyne
  • Alexander Eilert
  • Matthew Ligeski

We all hope they do well in their goals of knowledge in the future in officiating and in their academic growth.


IHOA also awarded a presidential award for an official going above and beyond the duties of officiating.  We had an official during a game give CPR to a fan incapacitated and still complete his assignments.  Steven Rickard has graciously awarded the first presidential award to Mr. Todd Permut.

The new season is coming, get rested up, enjoy your families.  USAH registration opens June 1.  IHOA plans on being open by July 1 and seminars will start in August.  Please watch IHOA.COM for updates.


The entire board thanks you all for what you do, and we hope your summer is relaxing. We all look forward to seeing you around the rinks soon. If anyone has questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at ADP@IHOA.COM


All the best to you and your families,


Brad Baumruck- Referee in Chief

 Steven Rickard-  IHOA President

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