2018 USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival

USAH Disabled FestivalThe USA Hockey Disabled Festival will take place in Illinois this year over two weekends in April. The first weekend (April 5-8) features all disabled hockey disciplines (except sled) and the second weekend (April 12-15) features the sled hockey competition. Click the logo to view the USA Hockey page.

Games are available for request now. Use the advanced search and select Schedulers: Jack Raslawski to limit your search to festival games.

In anticipation of the festival events, IHOA will schedule and staff the entire weekend with officials who wish to participate. The disabled hockey section contains a few rules of play unique to each discipline and IHOA is conducting a free seminar (symposium) for all Illinois officials. Steve Drews and Jack Raslawski booked the West Meadows ice rink and room on March 22 starting at 6:00pm to identify and discuss these disciplines and the rules which accompany each of them.  Steve and Jack will cover all aspects of officiating for the disabled festival. There is no cost involved with attending the symposium and game fees will be provided in all the USAH Festival games.

Also, if you have interest in working the festival and cannot make this symposium, you may contact either Steve (stevendrews@comcast.net) or Jack (Jack.Raslawski@abbott.com) to discuss your availability.