Seminar Information **2020-21 REGISTRATION IS DELAYED**

Seminar Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a critical time in the world… one that we will all get through together. To go from business as usual… to seeing the hockey world come to a standstill in a matter of days is a shock to the system. This is an unprecedented moment in time, as we work our way through the different phases for re-opening, IHOA will post seminar and registration information as soon we can. USA Hockey has various requirements for each certification level. Please visit for information.

To be completely registered, you must meet both IHOA and USA Hockey requirements. YOU MUST HAVE A VISOR FOR THE ON ICE PORTION OF YOUR SEMINAR. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! *PLEASE NOTE THE START AND END TIME FOR YOUR SEMINAR. Space at all Seminars is LIMITED!*

Admittance at all Seminars will require pre-registration and pre-payment.

ALL Level 1 officials under the age of 18 by July 1 of the current year will be required to have a parent or guardian attend a short session at the beginning of the seminar. This meeting will outline how to become an official, how to get games, what to do if you have a problem with fans, and responsibilities of the on ice official. Minimum age for IHOA membership: 14 years old as of December 31 of the current year. ** OFFICIALS UNDER 14 BEFORE DEC 31 MUST WORK FIRST GAME WITH A MENTOR. INFORMATION WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THEIR SEMINAR.**

If you have any other questions about seminars, that are not found on the FAQs page, or the registration process (name changes, registration account mistake, etc…) please contact the IHOA Registrar for the State of Illinois: Dave Zednik