IHOA Annual Election Candidate Bios

Brad Baumruck:

Brad Baumruck will be entering his 21st year of officiating this season. He was a participant in the AHAI/IHOA Advanced Development Program at the age of 19 for 3 seasons. The Development Program afforded him the opportunity to advance his officiating career beyond the local levels. Brad now chairs the committee for AHAI/IHOA in a dual effort to make officiating better overall for all participants. Over the years, Brad has participated as an evaluator, mentor, PED committee investigator, and as certified instructor to officials in Illinois. Brad has served as an IHOA board member upon his appointment by the former president John Oldenberg.

Erika Greenen:

My name is Erika Greenen. I grew up playing youth hockey in Chicago from the time I was a mite up to U19. I then moved on to playing DIII college hockey for the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. After graduation I was looking for a way to get back into the game and found that through officiating. I have worked my way up in officiating and have been afforded many great opportunities to learn and grow as an official. I have been fortunate enough to participate in USAH Futures Camp, USAH Elite Experience and USAH Seminar Instructor Training as well as the opportunity to work USAH and ACHA National Championships, the 2019 World University Games as well as games in the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) and NCAA DIII. All of these opportunities I could not have done on my own. I have learned and taken in information from the best supervisors and instructors across the country and would love to give back and share my knowledge I have gained over my time as an official.

Joe Guzzardi:

My name is Joe Guzzardi, and I will be entering my 10th season since returning to officiating. During this time, I have assisted in instructing numerous seminars, mentored many new officials, worked as a supervisor and evaluator, and most recently attended the USA Hockey instructor training seminar.

My hope is that I can continue to service the officials in the state of Illinois by using my experiences to develop individuals and assist them in reaching whatever goals they wish to accomplish as an official. Be it bettering basics of officiating, to working more advanced games such as Tier I, my goal should I be elected to the IHOA Board would be to continue to evolve our training and development programs to place each official in a position to meet their ambitions.

I am honored to have been nominated, and thank you for your consideration to serve on this board for you.

Geoff Schlender:

Thank you for nominating me for another three year term on the IHOA Board of Directors. I have enjoyed serving the membership for over twenty-four (24) years and take these responsibilities and obligations very seriously.

I have been officiating since 1993 and have been very active in the association on and off the ice for the past several years. In 1996, I was elected to the IHOA Board of Directors and have served as Treasurer since Don Allord appointed me “Treasurer For Life” in 1997.

In addition to my duties as Treasurer, I have been a certified USA Hockey Seminar Instructor since going to Colorado Springs with the late Mike Zyburt in 2003. The first seminar I taught was with the late Tom Osiol, which made the honor of being the 2012 Seminar Instructor of the Year Award that much more meaningful.

During my tenure as an IHOA Board member, I have served on almost every committee and originated the IHOA Scholarship and the Performance Education and Development (PED) programs. By being nominated to serve another term, it seems as if the officiating community has benefited from my participation and experience. I will continue to try and make a difference for all if I am elected to another term.

Thanks to all of you for your attendance and participation in the Annual Meeting.


Hello IHOA Official, for the past 3 years I have been an official on the IHOA Board. When I joined three years ago I joined because I wanted to transform both the general development program and the advanced development program. With fellow board members Joe Guzzardi and Brad Baumruck we have achieved that and more. I am seeking your support for re-election as there are many more ideas we would like to implement in the future for the betterment of all officials. Thank you for your consideration.