LATE SEASON SEMINAR! (Wed, November 22)


At the IHOA Board of Directors September meeting,

it was decided to add a

late season seminar!


*LEVEL 1 (1PM- 8PM) with ice*

**LEVEL 2 (1PM- 7PM) with ice**


**If you are a LEVEL 2, 3 or 4, have not attended a seminar yet, and wish to register,

YOU WILL NOT BE CERTIFIED and ELIGIBLE to work USA Hockey games by

NOVEMBER 30, 2016 (when your crest expires)!

*You MUST also make sure that the level you register for with IHOA matches with your USA Hockey registration. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL DROP YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL LOWER!

For further information on the IHOA’s registration process, click here: Register with IHOA

When ready to register: Click here to register with IHOA

Click here to register with USA Hockey