2017 May meeting recap

At the Annual Meeting, the membership elected the following 5 people, including 3 new Board members, to the Board; each will serve a three year term on the IHOA Board. Congratulations go out to:

Joseph Guzzardi (new)      Kendall Hanley (new)      Nick West (new)

John Oldenburg (incumbent)     Geoff Schlender (incumbent)


At the conclusion of the IHOA Annual Meeting, the Board convened and elected the following members to the Executive Board:
RIC: Michael Barrett     President: John Oldenburg     Vice President: David Zednik     Secretary: Nicole Davis
Treasurer: Geoff Schlender     Registrar: Jameson Gronert        

As a Board, we represent you, the official, and we are here to help you in any way we can. Communication is the key to solving problems and making the organization stronger so please let us hear from you.