ADP Sessions scheduled

November 1ZOOM730p-930pn/aReferee/Penalty talk
November 11Canlan West Dundeen/a720p-820pICE SESSION
December 6ZOOM730p-930pn/aTBD
January 10, 2022ZOOM730p-930pn/aTBD
January 13, 2022Canlan West Dundeen/a720p-820pICE SESSION
February 15, 2022ZOOM730p-930pn/aTBD


Register for events here: Register for events here

Email APD Coordinator Brad Baumruck: Email ADP Director Brad Baumruck

LEVEL 1 & 2 seminars Added

FOX VALLEY Ice Arena (Geneva)

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 (day before Thanksgiving)

9am – 330pm (CENTRAL Time)

These are in-person seminars

Attendance for the full seminar is required to be awarded seminar credit; ensure that you can attend the full seminar session before registering. Seminar access will be locked fifteen minutes into the session.

This seminar will be closed 2 days prior to the start.

Please be sure to look for the email (including your junk mail folder) so that you do not miss the meeting information.


Items to have for the classroom and on-ice seminar:

ALL OFFICIALS: (Mask/face coverings are required) Notebook, Pen/pencil, skates, helmet with a visor (or the mask detached at the bottom to allow the blowing of your whistle).

LEVEL 2 Officials: You will need to bring your full officiating equipment.


FIRST: Register with USA Hockey on-line

*You must first be registered with USA Hockey as an official before you may register with IHOA.*

SECOND: Register online for an IHOA SEMINAR

**This seminar will be closed 2 days prior to the start**


If you have questions about seminars that are NOT found on the FAQs page or the registration process (Name changes, registration account mistake, etc…)

Contact the IHOA Registrar for the State of Illinois:

Dave Zednik

2021-25 USAH RULES

Today, September 1, 2021,

USAH’s new rules are in effect.

Seminar Information **UPDATED 7/5/21**

**2021-22 Registration**

USA Hockey has various requirements for each certification level. Please visit for information.

To be completely registered, you must meet both IHOA and USA Hockey requirements.

**UPDATED 7/5/21: Minimum age for IHOA membership: 12 years old as of December 31 of the current year. **



FIRST: Register with USA Hockey on-line

*You must first be registered with USA Hockey as an official before you may register with IHOA.*

SECOND: Register on-line for an IHOA SEMINAR

***Registration will open Wednesday, July 7, 2021 @ 8:00 AM***




Space at all Seminars is LIMITED! Admittance at all Seminars will require pre-registration and pre-payment.

ALL Level 1 officials under the age of 18 by July 1 of the current year will be required to have a parent or guardian attend a short session at the beginning of the seminar. This meeting will outline how to become an official, how to get games, what to do if you have a problem with fans, and the responsibilities of the on-ice official.

FIRST: Register with USA Hockey on-line

*You must first be registered with USA Hockey as an official before you may register with IHOA.*

SECOND: Register on-line for an IHOA SEMINAR

***Registration will open Wednesday, July 7, 2021 @ 8:00 AM***


If you have any other questions about seminars, that are not found on the FAQs page, or the registration process (name changes, registration account mistake, etc…) please contact the IHOA Registrar for the State of Illinois: Dave Zednik

2021-22 Hockey Season Registration

The 2021-2022 hockey season is fast approaching and when the hockey season begins it is anticipated that youth and adult games

will be USAH and sanctioned with no Illinois Department of Public Health restrictions.

The only way to work sanctioned games is to be completely registered.

USA Hockey registration opened June 1st

IHOA registration will begin on July 6th

Seminars will be starting soon after that.

Level 1 seminar: A hybrid of virtual and on-ice with ALL safety practices in place

Levels 2, 3, & 4 seminars: All via Zoom

It will be in your best interest to have your seminars and USA Hockey requirements completed as soon as possible

When competitive play begins, you will be ready to hit the ice skating.

Let us look forward to a healthy and great hockey season.

Dave Zednik- IHOA Registrar

2020-21 AHAI | IHOA Advanced Development Program


Advanced Development Program

The AHAI | IHOA Advanced Development Program plans on restarting in the near future via virtual Zoom meetings. The dates for the program are still being determined; however, anyone interested in the Advanced Development Program should contact Brad Baumruck at

Use of Goal Pegs for AHAI Games

Effective immediately, there shall be no peg use to anchor nets during games involving teams aged 10U and younger.

This rule is effective immediately and will carry through all games, including Illinois state playoffs.

USA Hockey SafeSport Program (NEW POLICY)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Dear USA Hockey official,

You recently received a summary of several significant changes to the USA Hockey SafeSport Program. This note includes additional specific information pertinent to officials, including related to SafeSport Training requirements, mandatory reporting, and the Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policies. Thank you for your dedication to USA Hockey programs and efforts to keep our participants safe and our programs free from misconduct or abuse.

SafeSport Training

All officials who are or will be seventeen (17) years old or older as of December 31 of that registration season must complete the SafeSport Training program as a condition of completing their certification requirements every season.

Beginning this season, the training must now be completed every year prior to participation each season (however, anyone who completed training in the most recent season (2018-19) will retain valid training status for 2019-20, and will complete training annually beginning in 2020-21). The training is provided by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, and each official must first complete the “Core Center for SafeSport Training,” which is completed online and takes approximately 90 – 120 minutes to complete. In subsequent seasons, officials will need to complete the Center for SafeSport’s “Refresher Course,” which is also online and takes 30 minutes or less to complete. There is no cost to complete either training course.

If you (or your son or daughter) are under 18 at the time of training, USA Hockey is required to obtain parental consent for the official to complete training. If you registered on or after May 28, 2019, then the consent was incorporated into your registration; if you registered prior to May 28, USA Hockey will be contacting you soon to obtain the consent of the parents for a minor age official to complete the SafeSport Training.

Mandatory Reporting

If you are an adult-aged official, then according to federal law you are considered a mandatory reporter of child abuse, including sexual abuse. In the event of any actual or suspected sexual misconduct or child abuse, you must report such information to the U.S. Center for SafeSport and, when appropriate, to applicable law enforcement.

Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policies

The Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policies (“MAAPP Policies”) were mandated by federal law to be put into effect by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, and are included in the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook with specific information for hockey programs. The MAAPP Policies are prevention policies to prohibit and/or avoid situations where risks of misconduct can occur, including:

• One-on-One Interactions. This policy prohibits one-on-one interactions between adult members of USA Hockey or those authorized by a USA Hockey program to have regular contact with or authority over minors, unless they occur at an observable and interruptible distance by another adult. There are exceptions for emergency circumstances. The policy specifically addresses situations where these types of interactions might occur, including in meetings with a player, in individual training sessions and in settings outside the hockey program.

• Locker Rooms. USA Hockey’s existing Locker Room Policy was updated, and includes specific locker room provisions for officials to address situations when officials of different genders share a locker room and to avoid situations where an adult official and a minor are alone in a locker room. Please review the new locker room policies in the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook.

• Travel. Travel is a high risk time for misconduct to occur, including when officials travel together. USA Hockey’s travel policy has been updated for both “local travel” (transportation and travel to and from local games and events) and “organization/team travel” (travel away from the home area and may include overnight stays in a hotel for games or tournaments). Except in the case of emergency, an adult official may not ride in a vehicle alone, travel alone with or share a hotel or sleeping arrangement with an unrelated minor participant.

• Athletic Training Modalities. Although officials generally do not receive treatment at the rink, from trainers or medical personnel, this policy ensures that any type of athletic training, including massages, rubdowns, taping, etc., occurs in an open and interruptible location.

• Social Media and Electronic Communications. This policy has been updated. All electronic communication from an adult official, supervisor, assignor or other person of authority to a minor-aged participant must be professional in nature. Absent emergency circumstances, if an adult official, supervisor, assignor or other person of authority needs to communicate directly with a minor-aged participant via electronic communications (including social media), the minor’s parent must be copied.

A revised copy of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook can be found at the USA Hockey website at Please refer to the SafeSport Handbook for details of these and other policies affecting USA Hockey programs. You can also reach out to your Affiliate SafeSport Coordinator or to USA Hockey if you have questions or need assistance.

Thank you again for all of your efforts in support of the safety of participants in USA Hockey programs.

Central District RIC Sjoukje Brown stepping down

July 14, 2021 Colleagues and Fellow Zebras in the Central District-

As you know, I have had the honor of serving USA Hockey’s Central District as the District Referee-in-Chief since 2015. This is a role that I never imagined myself taking when I first started officiating, and I have had to follow in some amazing footsteps (Chet Stewart, Bill Spohn, Dave LaBuda, Bob Cunningham). Life takes unexpected turns and twists, and I was in the right place at the right time to assume this role and lead this district with the passion it deserves. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Central District Affiliate Presidents, in selecting me, selected the first female District Referee-in-Chief in USA Hockey history. What an incredible honor! In my tenure we have developed a district plan encompassing communication, recruitment, education, development, evaluation, retention, and fiscal responsibility. We have sent so many officials to National tournaments and camps, where they work championship games repeatedly. We celebrated the success of our IIHF certified officials as they officiated the Olympic Games, World Championships, and many other tournaments. We participated in rewriting curriculum for seminars and “reimaged” the Central District camp structure. Annually we hold a Summer Summit for all Central District Officiating Program Staff, bringing all of our affiliate officiating groups (IHOA, MIHOA, WIHOA, and Midwest) together for a weekend of strategic planning around our six areas of concentration and to network with each other for solutions to issues we face. Each of our affiliates is so unique that these summit opportunities have been welcome as a way to exchange information and to work together to reinforce our standing as a district at the forefront of the officiating community. In short, we have done much “heavy lifting”.

As I said earlier, life takes unexpected turns and twists. Recently I made the decision to move to the Austin, TX area so that my daughter could grow up near family (we have a large extended family here), and so that I could assist my mother as she ages. Though I can attribute many of my positive life experiences to hockey, the best one thus far is being “Mommy” to my daughter, Tenley. I LOVE officiating, and thank God each night for what being a zebra has brought to my life. I have a lifelong hockey family and have had SO many opportunities to skate amazing levels of men’s and women’s hockey across the country. I will always cherish my hockey life. That being said, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided that due to distance and life’s demands, it is time for me to step away from my role as Central District RIC. Sometimes we officials have to make tough calls, and though this call is the toughest I’ve had to make, it is also the best one.

I will continue to work with the Central District to assist Tim Richter as he transitions into the District Referee-in-Chief role, and I will always be available to help. I thank you for your trust in me over the past six years, and I look forward to seeing you in a rink somewhere, someday. My phone number will remain the same, and my personal email address is: Thank you ALL for your dedication to the Central District and to the officiating program. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you.


Yours in hockey,

Sjoukje Brown

USA Hockey Central District Referee-in-Chief


The Passing of Michael Osborn

It is with great sadness to inform the IHOA community of the passing of Michael Osborn.

Mike was involved in an accident last Wednesday and passed away today. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers through this time of great hardship and grief.

When further information is known, IHOA will pass it along.