2017 IHOA Annual Meeting- Elections

To All IHOA Members

The Annual Meeting and Election of Board Members and Officers will be held on

Monday, May 8, 2017

at 7:00 p.m.

at the offices located in the Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville, Illinois.

All members are invited and encouraged to participate in the election of 5 members to the Board of Directors. The IHOA Nominating Rules and Procedures are here. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these Rules and Procedures since they guide the entire election process.

IHOA Board Member, Don Mrozik (mrozik@sbcglobal.net), is this year’s Chair of the Nominating Committee and working with him are Carl Sassolino (csass05@gmail.com) and Dave Zednik (reihoa@gmail.com); please address any questions to them via email.

Their bios will appear on the www.ihoa.com website prior to the Annual Meeting.

2017 Illinois High School State Championships at the United Center

Congratulations to the following officials, rewarded with the

2017 High School Championships at the United Center!

Girls Game: (L-R) (L) Michael Seery, (R) Matthew Bleck, (L) Heather Ruchim


Combined: (L-R)  (L) Eric Arrigo, (R) Dustyn Rassmussen, (R) Steven Rickard, (L) Daniel Rack

Red: (L-R)   (L) Jeffrey Neumann,  (R) David Canon, (R) Gordon Mitchard, (L) Cory Lamasky     

Job well done! Keep working hard IHOA!

2017 IHOA Scholarship application available

The IHOA scholarships are awarded each spring to student officials who exhibit in school, on the ice and in their community the true spirit of USA Hockey, AHAI and IHOA. This scholarship, awarded to student officials annually, is applicable towards college tuition at an accredited college or university.

2nd Late Season Seminar added!

Back by popular demand…


cropped-logo_ihoa1.jpg MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2016 

at FOX VALLEY ICE ARENA (1996 S. Kirk Rd. Geneva, IL 60134)

LEVEL 1s: 9am-5pm

LEVEL 2s & 3s: 9am-4pm


For further information regarding IHOA’s registration process: Register with IHOA and FAQs

When ready to register: Click here for IHOA registration

usahClick here to register for USA Hockey (officials)



TONIGHT at the IHOA Board of Directors monthly meeting,

it was decided to add a

late season seminar!


*LEVEL 1 (1PM- 8PM) with ice*

**LEVEL 2 (1PM- 7PM) with ice**



**If you are a LEVEL 2, 3 or 4, have not attended a seminar yet, and wish to register,

YOU WILL NOT BE CERTIFIED and ELIGIBLE to work USA Hockey games by

NOVEMBER 30, 2016 (when your crest expires)!

*You MUST also make sure that the level you register for with IHOA matches with your USA Hockey registration. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL DROP YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL LOWER!

For further information on the IHOA’s registration process, click here: Register with IHOA

When ready to register: Click here to register with IHOA

Click here to register with USA Hockey

2016 USAH Development Camp participants

Congrats to the following officials on being selected to participate in USA Hockey’s Development Camps this past summer. The USA Hockey Officiating Program offers many programs each season for officials to develop. Whether your goals are to progress to higher levels of the game (Junior, NCAA, Pro, IIHF, etc.), or to become a better officials in your local grassroots hockey community, there are programs available to those officials who wish to reach the top of their game. For more information, go to: USAH Advanced Development Programs.



Cameron McCambridge, Matt Bleck, and Richard Faron

OBJECTIVE – This camp is an intense and thorough review of the fundamentals of amateur ice hockey officiating.  The camp establishes the existence within each participant of a practical understanding and a consistent application of the fundamentals of ice hockey officiating as recommended by the USA Hockey Officiating Program.  These areas include positioning, rules knowledge and game management.  This camp focuses on instructing the fundamentals and reinforcing all of the basic techniques an official needs to manage all levels of amateur hockey.  Supporting areas of instruction will include skating technique, physical conditioning and mental preparedness.

PARTICIPANTS – All participants must be USA Hockey members who are between 18-28 years old.  12-18 participants will be selected for each of the futures camps.


Shane Gustafson and Anthony Vikhter

OBJECTIVE – To continue to advance the educational process of the amateur official who has successfully proven his proficiency and application of the fundamentals of ice hockey officiating as presented at the Futures Camp level.  To review and refine the lessons learned at the Futures Camp as the participants attempt to advance to the higher levels of hockey.  This camp is focused on the advance techniques that officials must master to effectively manage hockey games at the highest levels, but in doing so re-emphasizing the need to master the fundamentals of officiating.  Additional supporting areas of instruction will include power skating. nutrition, physical conditioning and mental preparedness.

PARTICIPANTS All participants must be USA Hockey members who are between 20-30 years old and it is preferred that they had previously attended a Futures Camp.  They should have some experience at the Tier III Junior Level and/or the NAPHL or USA Hockey National Tournaments.  18-24 Participants will be selected to the High Performance Camp.


  1. Please be aware of the DATE, TIME, and LOCATION of what you want.
  2. If you’re unsure of the requirements, please read Register with IHOA
  3. Click here to Register for an IHOA SEMINAR.


Questions? Contact the IHOA Registrar (Jameson Gronert).

Questions? Contact the IHOA Registrar (Jameson Gronert).


IHOA at 2016 USAH Annual Congress

IHOA represented at the 2016 USA Hockey Annual Congress- June 8-11 in Colorado Spring, CO

2016 USAH Prez Dinner

Front row: (L-R) Craig Welker, Carl Sassolino, Mike Barrett

Back Row: (L-R) John Oldenburg and Dave Zednik

Lifetime Achievement and “Pass the Torch” Awards; Scholarship Recipients

At the IHOA Annual Meeting on May 9, 2016, two awards and the IHOA Scholarships were given out. It was the inaugural year for both The Lifetime Achievement Award and the “Pass the Torch” award.


The Lifetime Achievement award was given to Andy McElman and Al Stensland for their dedication to officiating, starting locally in IHOA.

Andy McElman Andy McElman                              stensland_200 Al Stensland

The “Pass the Torch” award was given to four up and coming officials by Andy McElman and Al Stensland. This year’s recipients were (L to R): Cameron Conner , Justin Pirard, Cameron McCambridge , and Shane Gustafson.

Pass the Torch...Lifetime Awards




The 2016 IHOA Scholarship Awards were also given out. This year’s recipients were (L to R): Nick Jones, Max Gruenberg, and Ian McCambridge ; Scholarship Chairman Geoff Schlender.

2016 IHOA Scholarships


CONGRATULATIONS to all our recipients this year!

IHOA Annual Meeting and Election results- May 9, 2016

IHOA members:

On May 9, 2016,  IHOA conducted its Annual Meeting to recap the past year’s activities and conduct the membership election of 5 Board Members to the IHOA Board of Directors.

At the Annual Meeting, the membership elected the following 5 people, including 2 new Board members: Michael Barrett, Eric Cowsill, Nicole Davis, Don Mrozik and David Zednik. Each of these members will serve a three year term on the IHOA Board. They will join the following people as the 2016-2017 IHOA Board of Directors:

The 2016-2017 IHOA Board of Directors is:

(Term ending in 2017):
Larry Clark, Len Edling, John Oldenburg, Geoff Schlender, Mason Strom

(Term ending in 2018):
Erin Blair, Steven Drews, Jameson Gronert, Carl Sassolino, Craig Welker

(Term Ending in 2019):
Michael Barrett, Eric Cowsill, Nicole Davis, Don Mrozik, David Zednik

The Board convened and elected the following people to the Executive Board:
President: John Oldenburg
Vice President: David Zednik
Secretary: Nicole Davis
Treasurer: Geoff Schlender
Registrar: Jameson Gronert
RIC: Michael Barrett

As a Board, we are discussing many issues in an attempt to continue the fine tradition of IHOA. Some of the current issues we are discussing include expanding evaluations, mentoring, development and others, all of which are designed to help each and every official become the best official they can be. Additionally, there are ongoing discussions regarding seminars for the coming season and a likely dues reduction. More information will follow as it becomes available.

As part of the Board’s processes, we fill positions among the many committees which are vital to the administration of IHOA. I firmly believe that participation from all officials will continue to make IHOA a leader in the nation among the officiating community. Therefore, I encourage each and every official to participate in IHOA by volunteering for a committee.

In the next few weeks or so, John Oldenburg, President of IHOA, will appoint the Chairperson(s) to all of the IHOA committees. In addition, we will update the IHOA website and place contact information for officers, board members and committee chairs on the website. Please send an email to the committee chair for which you would like to participate and shortly thereafter he/she will send a return email to you.

As a Board, we represent you, the official, and we are here to help you in any way we can. Communication is the key to solving problems and making the organization stronger so please let us hear from you.

Please note the USA Hockey Annual Congress is set for June 8-11 in Colorado Springs and the AHAI Annual Meeting is Saturday, June 25, 2016. At the conclusion of the USAH meeting, IHOA will report back to you to discuss the decisions rendered by USAH with respect to IHOA and the officiating community.

More information will be sent out as it becomes available. In the meantime, have a safe and happy summer!