ALL Officials: Waiver necessary for MB Arena

The Chicago Blackhawks are requiring all participants to the MB Arena (their new facility) to sign a waiver before the person is allowed to use the facility.

This includes officials.


Download the mandatory waiver here: MB Arena waiver

General Development Program sessions


They are intended for CURRENT USA Hockey registered officials ONLY!

Click here for further information for these sessions!


2017-21 Rule interpretations memo from USAH

In the past few weeks, a discussion regarding specific interpretations of the new rules has occurred. Through these discussions, various game situations were brought up and questions arose regarding the implementation of the new rules. These issues were brought to USA Hockey. USA Hockey issued a statement last night regarding these issues and the statement is immediately below.

Please review the statement and utilize its instructions when officiating games this year.

Michael Barrett
Illinois Referee in Chief & Supervisor of Officials


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Over the past few weeks, there have been some questions asked pertaining to some of the new rules. In an effort to answer those questions consistently and to provide our membership with the most current rules information we have assembled a FAQ memo.

QUESTION: If an attacking player in the attacking zone takes a shot and it is deflected, directed or tipped off of or by an attacking player and as a result the puck goes off of the goal post or cross bar and out of play where is the ensuing face-off?
ANSWER: The face-off shall be at one of the marked end zone face spots in that attacking zone.

QUESTION: If an attacking player in the Neutral Zone on his attacking side of the center red line takes a shot and it goes off of the goal post or cross bar and out of play where is the ensuing face-off?
ANSWER: The face-off shall be at one of the marked end zone face-off spots in that attacking zone.

QUESTION: If an attacking player in the Neutral Zone on his defending side of the center red line takes a shot and it goes off of the goal post or cross bar and out of play where is the ensuing face-off?
ANSWER: In this situation, there is a potential icing violation involved. If the puck, after striking the cross bar or goal post crosses the goal line by going out of the rink anywhere behind the goal line extended vertically then an icing infraction should be enforced. If the puck goes out of the rink without crossing the goal line then an end zone face-off in the attacking end zone should take place.

QUESTION: If an attacking player in the attacking zone attempts a pass and the puck strikes off the back of the goal frame and out of play, where should the face-off be located?
ANSWER: The face-off shall be located at the closest marked Neutral Zone face-off spot nearest to where the pass was originated.

QUESTION: The ‘Summary of Face-Off Locations’ (in Appendix II) identifies three (3) situations that call for a center ice face-off. Are there any other situations that may result in a center ice face-off?
ANSWER: Yes, with the new ‘9 Spot’ face-off location rule a center ice face-off may take place provided it is the nearest marked face-off location to a stoppage of play that requires a Neutral Zone face-off under the last play face-off rules.

QUESTION: Rule 615(c) states that “A match penalty (for all age classifications) shall be assessed to any player who deliberately removes his opponent’s helmet/facemask prior to or during an altercation” yet Situation 13 (page 251/Rule/Case Book) states it should be only a game misconduct at the Adult level. Which is correct?
ANSWER: The correct penalty to assess in this situation is a Match penalty at the Adult level.
Situation 13 in the Case Book was an oversight during the editing process and the reference to the Adult Age Classification exception should have been deleted.

QUESTION: Does the Rule 624(b.1) {Icing} apply to the Tier I 15 year old ONLY age classification?
ANSWER: Rule 624 (b.1) DOES apply to this age group. The 15 year old age classification can legally ice the puck when the team is shorthanded.




If you have any other questions about seminars, that are not found on the FAQs page, or the registration process (name changes, registration account mistake, etc…) please contact the IHOA Registrar for the State of Illinois:

(Jameson Gronert


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ACHA Officiating information meeting

IHOA will be hosting a session for experienced officials looking to learn more about the ACHA rules, procedures and positioning. If you work or have a desire to work ACHA games this session will be beneficial for your progress.

NOTE: Attending this session will not guarantee assignments at the ACHA level. This session is an informative session.

*October 16th*



Oakbrook Marriott

1401 W 22nd St, Oak Brook, IL 60523


To reserve your spot- 

Please send questions to

LATE SEASON SEMINAR! (Wed, November 22)


At the IHOA Board of Directors September meeting,

it was decided to add a

late season seminar!


*LEVEL 1 (1PM- 8PM) with ice*

**LEVEL 2 (1PM- 7PM) with ice**


**If you are a LEVEL 2, 3 or 4, have not attended a seminar yet, and wish to register,

YOU WILL NOT BE CERTIFIED and ELIGIBLE to work USA Hockey games by

NOVEMBER 30, 2016 (when your crest expires)!

*You MUST also make sure that the level you register for with IHOA matches with your USA Hockey registration. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL DROP YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL LOWER!

For further information on the IHOA’s registration process, click here: Register with IHOA

When ready to register: Click here to register with IHOA

Click here to register with USA Hockey

1st General Development Session!!


Let’s hit the ground running…er, uhm, SKATING!




*ICE: 5-6:30p      Skating posture & push, linesman positioning

**CLASS: 6:45-7:45p      601, Communication, and Judgment

LEVEL 1 Seminar added

Currently all of our Level 1 seminars are full. IHOA has decided to add another LEVEL 1 ONLY:

Saturday 10/7/17  @ Leaf Center


Classroom 11AM-7PM

ICE 4:50PM-5:50PM

**30 Students Max**

IF there is space available, walk in’s will be allowed. 

Click: Register for an IHOA Seminar


If you have any other questions about seminars or the registration process, please read the FAQs page.

If your question(s) aren’t answered on the FAQs page, contact the Registrar for the State of Illinois:

(Jameson Gronert


*NEW* IHOA apparel available


Starting AUGUST 1 thru AUGUST 21

the “store” will be open to order IHOA merchandise. You can only order ON-LINE

Click on IHOA MERCHANDISE, and follow the instructions. Samples will be available at Leafs Centre seminar (Aug 12) and Fox Valley seminar (Aug 13).

PLEASE NOTE:   Orders will be batched and ship after the site closes, which is MIDNIGHT AUG 21. The shipping cost is a flat $9.99, unless you choose a more expensive option. Any order over $75 (PRE-TAX) ships for free. Jerry’s does not have control over the shipping costs. The orders in the Chicago area once shipped will take 1 to 2 days to arrive. 

(For instance- If you order today, tomorrow, Aug 21, your order will not be ready until after AUG 22.)



If you miss this first “store,” keep your eyes peeled for an announcement later this season for another opportunity!

Questions? Contact Nicole Davis