3-Official System “Boot Camp” set for IHOA

The end of the regular season is all but here, but that doesn’t mean the development opportunities are coming to an end!

Never worked in the 3-official system as a linesman or referee, or want more experience so that you can be considered for working those games on a more regular basis?

Then this is one of the best
opportunities of the year to develop that aspect of your game!

We are hosting a 3-official system boot camp running alongside the AHAI Player Development Camp (scrimmages, practice/tryout games for the various U16/U14 summer development camps) March 22nd-24th. They don’t want many penalties called and none will be served by any player, but that makes this the perfect opportunity to develop the anticipation, positioning, reactions, and awareness required to work the more competitive levels of hockey in the area.

During this event, you will be:

Assigned to skate a number of games in the 3-official system, (either as a linesman, referee, or both)

During games, you will be partnered with a mentor on the ice who will skate with you and give you feedback throughout the game.

Additionally, there will be various instructors, evaluators, and supervisors there to record video and provide additional feedback on the games that you work.

Rules to participate:

You must first attend a classroom meeting at the AHAI room at the Edge Ice Arena in Bensenville from 7:00-9:00pm on Tuesday, March 19th discussing the different aspects of both referee and linesman responsibilities, procedures and positioning.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, but still wish to participate, please reach out to our Development Staff at  AHAI.Officials.Development@gmail.com

Open to all IHOA registered & USAH complete officials

No cost to participate

Paid a game fee for each assignment.

Games will be played beginning Friday night (March 22), will continue throughout the day Saturday, and into Sunday afternoon. If you are available at any time on those days, we will do our best to accommodate you and place you on games that fit your availability window.

To participate, please fill out a show of interest form: https://goo.gl/forms/3naXkKaHuKVaqlsC2.This will greatly assist our Development Staff in making assignments and assuring you are placed with a mentor during your games.

Also, we ask that you register to attend the meeting at Bensenville by signing up on our member page: https://secure.offserv.com/ihoa/members

Once we have your availability, you will receive your assignments through the AHAI assigning page the same as you would for any other game during the season and will be paid accordingly in your monthly check.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Development Staff at AHAI.Officials.Development@gmail.com
and we will be happy to assist.

We look forward to seeing and working with you in a few weeks!

AHAI State Tournament Rules & Information

High School rules and Info:


Tier 1 Rules and Information:


Tier 2 Rules and Information:


Girls Rules and Information:


Adult Rules and Information:


Officials’ Dress Code

Playoffs… We’ve all worked hard to get here. Keeping working hard, and request games only that you will give 100%. Players and coaches have worked all year to attain the right to play in these games and deserve the best efforts.

Your appearance before the game sets the tone for your officiating. If team members, staff and spectators observe an official arriving late, dressed in a casual manner, and clearly agitated, they will expect a poor on-ice performance, and often that is what occurs.

AHAI expects that officials who accept games from AHAI ASSIGNER to arrive no less than 30 minutes before game time and be dressed in an appropriate manner (business casual). Caps, sports team jackets, ancient shoes and work jeans are not acceptable. We do not expect formal wear, but dearly there is a middle style that can satisfy all. It is remarkable how frequently your appearance is mentioned – both good and bad. Take a few moments to dress appropriately and be a class act when you enter the rink.

Veryifying your Scoresheet

whether it’s handwritten or electronic, the score sheet is not deemed “good to go” until an official signs off on it at the conclusion of the game. Rule 502(e) is clear in saying, “At the conclusion of the game, the referee shall check the official score sheet, including team rosters and players in uniform, for accuracy prior to signing.” Regardless as to what system is used (hard copy or electronic scoring), the score sheet is considered an official record that documents the participants and the actions that take place during a game, and officials must adhere to their responsibility to treat it as such. Teams need them to document participation for eligibility in state or national tournaments, or to provide verification of a suspension served. They may also be keeping stats on players for their continued development and promotion to higher levels of play.  Plus, the score sheet provides a means to track progressive penalties or to identify trends within a local area or league. 

To read the whole article from USA Hockey, click here: Have you verified the score sheet?

2019-20 season Registration opening date set

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The opening date for seminar registration is

MONDAY, JULY 1, 2019

Further info to follow soon regarding seminar dates and locations. Register early, seats are limited and fill up quickly.

2018 Seminar staff awards

Osiol Seminar Instructor award- Carl Sassolino

IHOA RIC John Dunne, IHOA President Don Mrozik, Award winner Carl Sassolino, Central District RIC Sjoukje Brown

Zyburt Assistant Instructor award- Jack Young

IHOA RIC John Dunne, Award winner Jack Young,
IHOA President Don Mrozik, Central District RIC Sjoukje Brown

USA Hockey Announces Inaugural Advanced Officiating Symposium and New Tenured Official Program

USA Hockey announced today that it will host its first-ever Advanced Officiating Symposium July 26-28, 2019, at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott in Bloomington, Minnesota. The first-of-its-kind symposium is open to any official who has been completely registered at Level 3 or Level 4 for each of the previous three hockey seasons and is seeking to obtain “tenured” status within the USA Hockey Officiating Program.

Read More…

NCAA/ACHA Rules meeting set

October 15th  7-9pm

at the

Oakbrook Marriott

1401 22nd Street, Oak Brook, IL

This is a rule change year, which mean new book! There are download options available, just click the book to go to the site.